HIPPOFEEDER's  automatic feeders have unique features that no one else have.

HIPPOFEEDER's automatic feeders are available in any color you want that fits into the stable's other color scheme, e.g. the colors of the box interior.

HIPPOFEEDER's automatic feeders are 100% washable with high-pressure washing, so when you wash the stable, you can advantageously wash the feeders with high-pressure washing or steam.

3-year warranty on automatic feeders.

1 year warranty on hay hedges.

With HIPPOFEEDER in the stable you get:

  • High reliability over a long time which gives low or no service costs over time.
  • Washable machines, no electricity at the horses.
  • Functional feeders in case of power failure with battery backup as long as there is air in the compressor.
  • Automatic closing of the doors.
  • Horizontal doors that never release feed during kicks or power outages.
  • No electricity near the trough, no risk of creeping currents at high humidity.
  • Automatic feeders that work just as well in outdoor boxes and out in pastures as in the stable without weather protection.
  • Very generous guarantees. 3 year warranty is given on the feeding machines.
  • You do not need dimensional adjustment in the box interior with HIPPOFEEDER
  • Horses will get food 4-6 times day. The horse has a small stomach in relation to its body and needs continuous flow of food and water

- Lower staff costs.

 The staff can start working with the horses directly in the morning. When the staff feeds in the afternoon befor ending the day, 3 feeds can be given at the same time, one directly in the trough through the feeder and 2 in the feeder. In addition, there is always the opportunity to feed lunch in the automatic feeder if desired.

- Less stress in the stable.

 - All horses get food at the same time  

- Horse don't stresses and kicks in the box because the food don't come fast enough.